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The Bridewell Centre

If you are someone who enjoys delving into local history, the Old Courthouse and Jail, also known as “The Bridewell Centre,” is a must-visit. What’s so special about this building, you may ask? Well, it was actually built way back in 1862-63 on a piece of land owned by none other than Sir Edward Waller himself. In the days of old, the Courthouse was occasionally used as a means of trying minor offences, but more often than not it was used for preliminary hearings for the more serious crimes before they were referred to a higher circuit court.

As you step inside, the building will instantly transport you back in time with its 8 cells, 2 day rooms, and 2 beautiful limestone staircases. In fact, during a recent refurbishment of the cells, the most peculiar thing happened when writing was discovered on one of the cell’s walls. This unique piece of history adds an even more interesting layer to the Courthouse’s story.

Although it holds a great deal of history, nowadays, the building serves a different purpose and is utilized by FAS and the Peter Dee Academy of Music.

Glenstal Abbey

Glenstal Abbey is an awe-inspiring Benedictine monastery located in the quiet town of Murroe, Co Limerick. Surrounded by an expansive 500-acre estate, visitors can explore long and winding streams, picturesque lakes, and winding woodland paths throughout the Abbey’s serene surroundings. A beautiful castle built in the romantic Norman style adds to the breathtaking scenery and invites visitors to delve into the rich history of this ancient place. The Abbey, which is dedicated to St. Joseph and Columba, is home to a welcoming community of monks comprising prayer, liturgical celebration, and the management of a myriad of activities such as a boarding school for boys, a farm, and a guest house. A mere 5-minute drive from Newport and a must-visit destination in the region, Glenstal Abbey beckons you to experience its charm and beauty firsthand. For additional information on this remarkable Abbey, visit their website at

The Clare Glens

If you are an enthusiastic nature lover, with a penchant for scenic walking, breathtaking views and stunning photography opportunities, then The Clare Glens is the ultimate destination for you! Located in close proximity to the charming village of Newport, in County Tipperary, The Clare Glens nature trail offers a unique and exhilarating experience like no other. Spanning a distance of 3 kilometers, the glens form a natural boundary that separates County Tipperary from County Limerick. The trail follows the pristine Clare River as it journeys through a serene, wooded valley, creating a sense of peace and tranquility amidst nature’s splendor. The Clare Glens is renowned for its thriving wildlife, boasting an extensive array of creatures such as the rare and elusive Red Squirrel. During late spring and early summer, the river valley comes to life in a riot of color as the Rhododendrons bloom in full glory, further embellishing the incredible sight. Be sure to make The Clare Glens a must-visit destination on your next outdoor escapade!

The Riverside Park

The Riverside Park is a picturesque spot that is loved by the locals. It’s the perfect destination for leisurely afternoons spent outdoors, and an ideal location for family picnics. The serene Mulcair River that flows through the park offers an incredible opportunity for bird watching enthusiasts. With the park being home to numerous bird species, nature lovers are in for an absolute treat. Whether you’re a seasoned bird watcher or simply enjoy the beauty of nature, the Riverside Park is an idyllic spot to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and unwind. It’s no wonder that this park is top-rated among both locals and tourists alike. Be sure to make it a priority destination on your bucket list.

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