History of the Centre | Newport Community

The Centre was constructed in the late 1970’s and officially opened in October 1980. The cost was approx. £90,000. The purpose of the center was to provide a versatile meeting place for the Community activities and social events in the parish. The site of the center was owned by the Diocesan before it was taken over by the Co. Council.

The Community Centre was managed by the Newport Community Council until it was disbanded 2001. The Council was not replaced. From 2001 onward the Centre was managed solely on a voluntary basis by a former member of the last Community Council until the Newport Community & Development Association became involved a few years ago.

Over the passage of time the Community Centre has become run-down and it was obvious major repairs and alterations were needed in order to cater for the demands of a growing town. We were lucky to have had the services of a youth office from Nenagh Community Network for 2 1/2 years, in this time his research through surveys on youth needs, reinforced the decision of the N.C.D.A to proceed with a Community Centre refurbishment programme in 2009.

Phase 1:

Replacement of asbestos roof
Provision of new lighting & heating system
Relocation of toilets & provision of new toilets and showers with wheel-chair access
Provision of meeting rooms etc.
The cost of the first phase was 225,000 euro. A grant of 117,000 was received from the Community, Sport & Cultural Grants scheme run by the North Tipperary Co. Council. It was up to the N.C.D.A for raise the shortfall of 108,000.

A Limited Company was formed, charitable status was obtained and transfer of the title from The Diocesan Trust to the N.C.D.A was finalised. The N.C.D.A have plans for Phase 2 of the refurbishment.

Phase 2 to included

Building Extension

The Centre prior to Refurbishment in 2009

The Centre prior to Refurbishment in 2009